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I, the seller, can not guarantee the puppy’s size or color at adulthood as they change some as they grow. I cannot guarantee that the puppy/dog will breed, or will finish in a dog show. I, the seller, am not responsible for veterinarian bills or any other bills once the puppy leaves my home. I, the seller, will give a 48 hour guarantee on puppy against any puppy disease. The puppy should be checked out at a licensed veterinarian of their choice and at the buyers expense within that time, If the animal is found to be in a non-healthy condition by a qualified and registered vet, within 48 hours (two day) after the sell and provide the notice of said exam and results to the seller and return puppy to the seller. NO CASH REFUND IS EVER MADE, I will not refund any money on purchased puppy if diagnosed with a puppy disease, but will replace the puppy will another puppy of the same value and conformation of original purchased puppy. If no puppy is available at that time, a refund will be made to the purchaser.  The buyer is responsible for all transportation fees of the replacement puppy if needed. If buyer chooses not to take said puppy to the vet for an exam, he or she forfeits all rights to a guarantee on purchased dog/puppy, at any time. Great care is exercised to prevent or eliminate parasites such as worms (roundworms, hook worms, tapeworms, and coccidia) fleas, ear mites, and ring worms, however, since these are quite common among animals we can not guarantee any animal to be totally parasite or fungus free. Care has been taken to give their first shots and wormings, It is the buyer’s responsibility to see the ongoing of shots and wormings.

The Seller assumes no responsibility of the puppy after it leaves the possession of the seller, including medical expenses, mortality, landlord disapproval, allergy to animals, disagreement of family, or for any reason including complications should this dog be neutered, or spayed at some later date. Make sure the puppy you want is the puppy you are taking home as once it leaves the sellers possession it can not be returned or swapped for any reason.

Please take your time to make sure this is the puppy you want. This is a life time commitment, We take it as a very serious commitment, we hope you will too. We urge you to restrain from taking your puppy anywhere that might be life threatening to them at anytime during their life cycle. We as the seller will not be responsible for such acts.

 I understand that this puppy can not be returned for any reason once it leaves the seller possession for any reason other than puppy disease within the 48 hours.

Deposits are non-refundable.


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