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At Big Steps Kennel, our goal is to produce even temperament Doberman Pinschers that meet the breed standards with beauty and gives their new families a  loyal companion and family protector.
Here is a little history and information on the loyal and elegant Doberman Pinscher breed.
The Doberman Pinscher is a dog of medium large size, powerfully built and capable of great endurance and speed. Its body is compact and muscular, with the head, neck and legs in proportion to the body. The tail is almost always docked short. The head is long and wedge-shaped, starting wide at the ears and tapering to the nose. The eyes are almond shaped and deep set, their color ranging from medium to dark brown. Ears are normally cropped and carried erect. The coat is short, hard and smooth, and ranges in color from black, blue, red or fawn with sharply defined rust-colored marking above each eye, on the throat, chest, muzzle, legs and feet, and below the tail.

The Doberman Pinscher is an energetic, friendly dog. It is a loyal and affectionate family member who loves to be physically close to members of the home. Some are family dogs, while others will fixate and shower most of their attention on one person. Dobermans can be aloof or aggressive toward strangers and other dogs, though this can be remedied with proper training. Because of its strong association with the image of a guard dog, many think of the Doberman as a vicious brute. This is rather inaccurate, as the dog is actually exceptionally intelligent and quite affectionate. Though it is true that the dog is and has been commonly used to keep humans in check, much of that ferocity is the product of specialized and sometimes cruel training, which could turn any dog mean. The Doberman Pinscher is protective of its family, and the sight of one is sure to keep your average intruder at bay, but deep down this is a loving dog who wants above all else to please its owner.

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